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Linos Achromats

Linos Achromats

Reliable components for demanding OEM applications

 The LINOS Achromates are distinguished by their outstanding design and the consistently high manufacturing competence of this sophisticated optical system. Superior is the correction of the spherical aberration. As a result, the LINOS achromats are ideally suited for monochromatic focusing or collimation with minimal deformation of the wavefront, for example with laser light.

With the design of the LINOS Achromate, the coma is optimized in the area near the axis - the optics become less sensitive to small tipping. Your benefit: Time gain in quick adjustment! All LINOS achromats are laser-centered and subject to strict quality control of the surface shape. Especially as an OEM component, this guarantees a consistently high imaging quality very close to the theoretical diffraction limit.
Your advantages through the use of LINOS achromats:
• High efficiency in light coupling due to minimal spherical aberration
• Consistent quality through the use of branded lenses
• Fast adjustment due to narrow focal length tolerance and coma correction

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New Microbench Brochure – Now available

The LINOS Microbench™ system has been providing optical solutions for over 50 years. On this occasion, we are particularly pleased to present you a new edition of our Application brochure for LINOS bench systems.

 Our primary focus is to provide you with a clear overview of the various systems as well as their compatibility with one another. Numerous photographs illustrate the variety of applications and setups, providing useful solutions for your applications.
Furthermore, this edition also contains our latest product offerings. For the first time we introduce our series of Q-Sets, compact optical subsystems built from standard catalog components. In addition, the brochure highlights the inter-compatibility of the LINOS Microbench™ with Qioptiq light sources and laser systems as well as Excelitas detectors.
Last but not least, you will find an application example in which the Microbench™ system enabled the rapid development of a complex optical measurement device - a flow cytometer prototype.
Download new Microbench Brochure here

Webinar: Thursday, May 17

Rapid, Nondestructive Content and Blend Uniformity with QTRram

Why Switch from Lamp to LED?

For most routine fluorescence applications, researchers use an HBO or mercury lamp to excite their fluorophores, filtering the light in their microscope before it reaches their sample. Recent advances in LED technology have allowed fluorescence applications to move from lamp systems to environmentally friendly and affordable LED systems with no need for consumables such as the light guide and replacement bulbs thus, reducing your costs overtime. Limited time offer...€ 500 OFF! To help ease the transition to LED technology, we are offering the X-Cite 120LEDmini for less than € 5,000! Refer to promo code below.

 Special Offer: € 4,995
(10% lower than list price)
Promo Code: Mini2018
Valid: May1st to August 31st, 2018

X-Cite 120LEDmini includes microscope flange and speedDIAL controller

Contact us today and save!

Benefits of upgrading from lamp to X-Cite 120LEDmini:
• Increased stability over lamp systems
• Zero mercury
• Reduced operating costs by over € 12,500 
o Find out how much you can be saving here
• Low energy consumption
• Instant ON/OFF (no warm-up required)
• Longer lifetime (20,000 hour warranty)

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B&W Tek Announces QTRam for Content and Blend Uniformity Testing

The QTRam quantitative transmission Raman system is the latest addition to our pharmaceutical analytical suite for rapid and nondestructive analysis of materials, which includes the STRam™ with see-through identification technology, NanoRam® for raw material identification, and NanoLIBS® handheld LIBS system for ionic salt identification.

The QTRam is a new generation of transmission Raman spectroscopy able to penetrate through solid samples over a large sample volume, making it the preferred method for blend and content uniformity testing of finished products. 


Brilliance Across the Spectrum Excelitas Technologies® introduces the new X-Cite® XYLIS light source for fluorescence microscopy.

The X-Cite XYLIS includes Excelitas’ patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive® and offers a rich, broad spectrum output from 360-750nm for exciting an extended range of fluorophores, with the advantages and simplicity of using LEDs.
X-Cite XYLIS provides enhanced LED coverage from one end of the light spectrum to the other, closely matching the output of a mercury arc lamp while eliminating any need for bulb replacement.  With a 365nm spectral peak, X-Cite XYLIS fits perfectly with the narrow DAPI filter sets that are standard in research microscopes. At the opposite end of the spectrum, X-Cite XYLIS provides 735nm excitation for Cy7, a wavelength that is not available in any other broadband LED light source at comparable prices.
The X-Cite XYLIS is the latest addition to Excelitas’ popular X-Cite product line. Incorporating Excelitas’ patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive technology, X-Cite XYLIS enables researchers to overcome the LED green gap – the 540nm to 590nm region of the spectrum where LED-only systems are significantly challenged. This novel technology developed by Excelitas utilizes high-efficiency lasers to excite a phosphor layer, generating a broad peak from 500nm to 600nm which can then be filtered to a more specific excitation band depending on the fluorophore of interest.  The award-winning LaserLED Hybrid Drive is also more efficient and provides higher output than other technologies, such as luminescent rod technology, and allows the X-Cite XYLIS to be a quieter system than its predecessor, X-Cite Fire.

X-Cite XYLIS power levels for TRITC, Cy5 and Cy7 excitation are equivalent to the power of arc lamps. It is suitable for a wide range of uses from routine imaging to demanding high-speed applications. Designed for use with liquid light guides,
X-Cite XYLIS is compatible with modern light-guide-only microscope designs and can also be combined with X-Cite microscope adaptors to replace traditional lamp houses.  X-Cite XYLIS makes it possible to switch from mercury lamps to environmentally-friendly LEDs without compromising on price or performance.
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