OptoMotive FPGA camera 

OptoMotive is our partner for developing and manufacturing specific and demanding optomechatronic systems.

With its wide team of highly qualified engineers OptoMotive offers innovative FPGA based high performance modular intelligent ready-made cameras as well as tailor-made FPGA vision solutions

Velociraptor is fast running and fast grabbing.

VelociraptorVelociraptor is an entry level High-Speed camera with real time JPEG compression. Long recording of High-Speed video has never been so easy. 
With intuitive and simple to use SHARKi Windows user interface anyone can use it.

• Compliant with all major available software,
• Compliant with GigE Vision and GenICam,
• Built to support GigE Vision v1.2 specification, 
• Real time JPEG compressor, 
• 3 general purpose user-programmable digital I/O pins.
• Targeted to metrology and industrial use.


• CMOSIS CMV2000, 2/3” CMOS colour, monochrome or NIR sensor, 2048 × 1088 pixels, 5.5 μm pixel size, 340 FPS at JPEG video acquisition,
• CMOSIS CMV4000, 1” CMOS colour, monochrome or NIR sensor, 2048 × 2048 pixels, 5.5 μm pixel size, 180 FPS at JPEG video acquisition.
Connectivity, I/O: 
• Gigabit Ethernet (isolated Power over Ethernet), 
• 4 pin trigger connector (3x bidirectional IOs).

• 15 Mgates Spartan-6LX with 2x128 MB DDR3 SDRAM,
• Ultimate FPGA System-on-Chip,
• Super speed FPGA image processing (JPEG)

• 54 × 94 × 66 mm (housing), 
• 46 × 84 × 34 mm (OEM with C-mount).

Usage: compatible with Optomotive SHARKi software and other machine vision software’s, like Halcon, National Instruments LabView, etc., usable through GEV_API dynamically linked library in custom applications (C++, C# examples included) and 3rd party GigE Vision applications (MATLAB(R), LabView(R), etc.).

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