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Optical solutions for R&D Labs 

Optical table

Precisions Optics for exceptional performance

Our precision optics present a noticeably superior performance. Our portfolio includes LINOS achromates, singlets, lens systems, F-Theta lenses, laser diode modules, mirrors, polarization optics, zoom- and microscope optics, thin film coatings, LINOS Faraday isolators, laser modulators, Pockels cells and more >>>

Opto-mechanics for exacting integration of photonics

Our precision opto-mechanics include LINOS microbench, nanobench, tube mounting system, positioning systems, mirror mounts, profile and rail systems, optical tables, spectrometers and more >>>

 Fiber Optics
  Fiber-Coupled, iFLEX-iRIS

High performance single mode fiber delivery systems provide laser light with absolute accuracy, for the moste challenging precision measurement applications >>>

Machine Vision

Qioptiq has more than 100 years of history and experience in optical design and manufacturing, Qioptiq (Linos) is renowned for its standardized high end products and customized premium solutions for Machine Vision.

 Our Solutions for Machine Vison are:

Industrial Manufacturing Linos Lenses
 MeVis-C Machine Vision Lenses

MeVis C Machine Vision lenses Qioptiq Rodenstock Linos

 High-Resolution lenses
Large-Format lenses
Micro-inspection lenses
Line-scan lenses
C-Mount and F-Mount lenses
High Performance zoom optics
Telecentric optics
Megapixel lenses
Reflective objectives
Long working distance objectives
Electro-optic integration
Low-distortion imaging

 Highest optical performance
Large image circle up to 1 inch
For pixel size even below 2 µm
High numerical aperture

Focal length: 12 ... 50 mm
Magnification range: 0 ... -0.1
Spectral range: 450 - 900 nm
Focusing: manual, lockable
Iris diaphragm: manual, lockable
Filter thread: M35.5x0.5
Lens diameter: 42 mm 

Vadeno Optical Solutions

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TracePro is the first Monte Carlo ray tracing software with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface much like a CAD program.

LED Industry Lamp

The LED Machine Lamp IL100-c is a versatile and robust LED Lamp for industrial applications with changing requirements.

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